Thursday, July 4, 2013

Introduction for the Search

This is a blog in search of concept albums, old and quite hopefully new, well-known and hopefully lesser known.  I also hope, upon finding and relating the history and buzz around the term, to expand the scope of what a concept album is (there are seemingly a handful of albums that are considered under this term).

My hope is that the concept album is not really dead, that there is still a possibility and reality for it. With the advent of current technologies, it's difficult to have concept albums anymore, perhaps. Listeners can easily listen to bits and bytes, scrabble, reassemble, and mix up tracks in any way they please. The only way perhaps a musician or group of musicians can truly relate their concepts is via performance and/or video.

Maybe all of this is arguable. Here, I aim to explore that. I will seek out the concept albums, glean as much information as I can about them, listen to them, talk about them, and find out if really they are a lost art.

I hope that you can join in the conversation with me. This blog is a way for me to search, learn, and process. It's a class of sorts and the best classes, of course, are interactive. That means that I am not just looking to talk at the net. I'm not even just looking for comments, feedback, and conversations (though I do want all of that and welcome it, so bring it). I'm also looking for collaborators along this search. Write with me. Connect with me. Maybe we'll even bring the concept album back from its withering depths.